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A Slider or Fixed Side Position for Displaying Extra Content

  • Fixed
  • Dynamic

An extra module position, outside of the main structure, configurable to be either fixed or dynamically toggled.

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Powered by the Versatile Gantry Framework

  • Power
  • Adaptable

As a core framework, Gantry sits at the center of Ricochet, providing a range of standardized features and capabilities.

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A Sophisticated CSS Dropdown Menu with Advanced Features

  • Columns
  • Positions

The menu has support for inline modules and positions, inline icons and subtext, alongside many other configurable options.

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From Our Blog

  • Fluid
    A Layout that Adapts Whether it's Desktop or Mobile

    A responsive design automatically adjusts to the viewing device without the need for separate templates.
  • MenuMultiple Menu Types to Select and Configure

    Multiple Menu Types to Select and Configure

    The options available are either the Dropdown Menu, or Splitmenu. Each have mobile menu support.
  • Style
    An Assortment of Pre-Configured Preset Styles

    Choose from eight configurable style variations or create your own custom presets in the template manager.
  • HTML5Unique HTML5 Canvas Graphical Charts

    Unique HTML5 Canvas Graphical Charts

    With Chart.js, you can create stunning and exquisite graphical charts with ease, all using HTML5 Canvas.
  • LESSA CSS Language with Advanced Coding Features

    A CSS Language with Advanced Coding Features

    LESS CSS brings PHP-esque variables and features to stylesheet to improve development speed.
  • Font
    Rich Content Typography and A Library of Icons

    Clean and custom font choices individualize your content, alongside FontAwesome's catalogue of icons.
  • RTLBasic Template and Gantry Right-To-Left Support

    Basic Template and Gantry Right-To-Left Support

    Gantry has RTL support for its grid structure to switch positions, alongside template specific adjustments.
  • Module
    Individualize Modules with Colorful Class SuffixesColorful Class Suffixes

    Select from a series of compoundable stylistic and structural module variations to diversify your modular content.

Upcoming Events

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  • Twitter

Configurable Social Media Buttons

  • Offine
  • Counter

Custom Offline & Coming Soon Pages

  • Responsive
  • Fixed

Responsive, 960 & 1200 Layouts

One of the Gantry Framework's most notable features is its custom administrative interface. The template manager provides a user friendly and intuitive console to configure many aspects of the template, from features, menu choices, to extensions layout controls.
  • Colors
  • Backgrounds
  • Overlays
Customize the Style with Ease via the Extensive Color Chooser Options


  • All
  • Creamy
  • Healthy
  • Salty
  • Spicy
  • Sweet
  • Tasty
    • Healthy
    • Sweet
    • Tasty

    A Content Block Layout with Auto Positioning

    Grids presents content in up to 10 columns, either as images, text overlays, static text or a combination of each or all.
    • Salty
    • Spicy
    • Tasty

    A Layout for Showcasing Feature Content

    Features is a slideshow layout, with various configurable themes, designed for showcasing image centric content.
    • Creamy
    • Healthy
    • Spicy

    A Text Snippet or Newsticker Content Layout

    Headlines is built with a word counter to auto snippet text. Images can be included and there is multi-line support.
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Must See

  • DocumentationGuides

    Latest and greatest documentation and information concerning clubs, templates, themes, extensions. Topics range from beginner to expert, so dig in!
  • GantryFramework

    Comprehensive set of building blocks to enable the rapid development and realization of a design into a flexible and powerful web platform theme.
  • RocketLauncherDemo

    Install all of the sample content seen on our demo for each individual template. This is the easiest way to hit the ground running with Joomla and Ricochet.
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Wrap Up

Ricochet is a professionally designed template, constituted by a corporate appearance which combines an overall conservative and soft visual frame, with subtle but effective colors and typography, to provide character and definition.

The Crew

  • Annie Smith

    • UI Designer
    • England

    As as expert in designing User Interfaces for the past 10 years, Annie brings experience and passion to Ricochet.

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Mobile Menu

  • Panel
  • SelectBox

Choose between a side panel menu or selectbox for small / mobile devices.